Financing Your Home


With Victoria Cruz Homes & Real Estate, you’ll have an easy and enjoyable experience. We make sure that from the moment we meet with you until our offer is accepted by a seller all of your needs are being met. If there’s anything in particular that concerns you about one of these steps, we’re happy to help out! No matter how simple or complicated the purchase process may be for any given home buyer, we will find solutions to each unique obstacle.

Victoria Cruz Homes & Real Estate is here to ensure not only to provide assistance during pre-approval processes but also continuing through post-purchase readjustments.

The Key Steps

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  1. Get pre-approved for your loan
  2. Apply for a mortgage
  3. Get your home appraised
  4. Your loan goes through underwriting
  5. You’re cleared to close!

Have On-Hand

  • A month’s worth of your most recent pay stubs
  • Copies of your las t two years’ federal tax returns and W-2s
  • The names and addresses of your employers over the las t two years, compiled into one list
  • Las t three months of bank statements
  • A copy of your real estate agreement
  • The names and addresses of your landlords over the past two years
  • Divorce/separation decree Child support papers
  • Bankruptcy, discharge of bankruptcy papers

Make Sure To

  • Notify your lender of any address change, whether it’s your home address or another listed on your application
  • Notify your lender of any salary or wage changes
  • Be prepared to provide proof of significant bank deposits
  • Acquire homeowner’s insurance immediately after going under contract
  • Keep all forms of debt paid and in check

Make Sure Not To

  • Make large purchases using existing credit without [first] talking to your lender
  • Apply for or acquire any additional lines of credit
  • Pay off, transfer, or close credit balances unless your lender instructs you to do so
  • Change jobs without
  • [first] talking to your lender
  • Co-sign for another person seeking to obtain a line of credit or to make a purchase
  • Pay off collections before conferring with your lender

Let’s Connect You With a Lender

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